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3 Bubble Tea drinks

Why do you need bubble tea training?

 Why do you need bubble tea training when starting bubble boba tea business?

Starting your very own business is a hard and daunting task. There are plenty of things to consider and think about and there are also things to manage and keep track off. Starting your own business is not for the faint of heart; however, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t start your own. Simply put, you need a lot of dedication and a good head start if you are planning to start your very own business and one of the most lucrative business ventures, nowadays, is bubble tea.

Bubble Tea—More than Just a Fad

Bubble Tea or Pearl Milk Tea is a Taiwan-made tea drink that is slowly taking the world by storm. It was invented in Taiwanese tea shops and are slowly gaining popularity all over the world. They are characterized by their tea base combined with milk or fruit and chewy tapioca balls. Despite being simple in concept, it is difficult to master; therefore, creating your own bubble tea franchise is a difficult task if done on your own without any support. Fortunately, Boba Tea Direct offers a two-day Bubble Tea Classroom that will teach you the ins and outs of making delicious bubble tea. It comes with a hands-on training at a real Boba Tea store in the state of Colorado and also gives you a $300 gift certificate upon completion.

Reasons for Getting Boba Training

However, learning how to make delicious bubble tea is only one of the reasons why you need Boba Training. This training classroom actually teaches you a lot more than just mixing the different kinds of bubble teas. It teaches you about the history of the product and the industry itself and also gives you an idea about the different tools and equipments that is used in making the best Boba and flavored teas.

This training program teaches you different marketing techniques and advertising templates that you can actually use and try in your own store. You will be given a hands-on training to simulate the experience of running an actual store. You will also be taught various how to set up your store layout so that it is optimal and efficient.

Personalized One-on-one Hands-On Training

Each class will be trained by an expert instructor that is willing to give a one-on-one session so that you will have ample opportunity to learn everything that they can teach you. Lessons include guidelines when hiring employees, financial planning, how to operate a shop efficiently, as well as making sure of the teas that are served. Many people that have tried the two-day class can testify to how effective it is. Some even came in just for the tea classes but ended up wanting to start their own franchise.
Starting your own bubble tea shop is difficult at first. Fortunately, Boba Tea Direct is there to hold your hand as you learn how to walk. Learn how to make the best teas, drinks, and know all the tips and tricks you will need to run your very own store. In two-days time, you will be able to master all of it.

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