Advertising Bubble Tea Through Social Media

The rise of advertising online has given more and more businesses the advantage of reaching the most people at the shortest possible time. Both local and international companies have exploited online advertising, the most popular of which is pay-per-click advertising. This however does have cost and the prices are becoming higher. This might be because of key words that are used over and over again by thousands of advertisers. The demand is higher, so of course it follows that prices become higher too. An alternative platform for advertising then, is social media. There are a lot of social media networking sites that you can choose from, or, you can make accounts for a few ones that you think can target the market you want. Social media network advertising can give your bubble tea business the boost in popularity it needs to be more successful. The advertising in most of these sites will be at minimal cost to even free. These social media networks have developed different tiers for the extent of marketing a business needs. For example, Facebook business page has an application that allows you to choose the budget, the scope, and audience you want to have. For $5 a day for instance, your ad will get a sure 35 likes per day. You can narrow down your scope to the local area and the people within the area that have interests in the bubble tea industry. Twitter on the other hand, also has an ads system in place. This allows your tweets to be in front of more people than just the followers you have. Go to your Twitter page and check out the dropdown menu on the upper right hand corner. The Twitter Ads system is pretty easy to set up, there are basic questions first and then you get the options on location (where tour target audience is) and the promotional budget you have. You will only pay for each click your tweet receives. Twitter uses a different kind of approach for the payment required for their ads system. It is a bidding competition between you and others who have the same advertising requirements as you. Normally, bidding starts at $1.50. If you would like to start your online bubble tea marketing campaign, you can start with Facebook, and you can start for free. Begin by creating a personal account and just keep on posting photos and customer comments. Afterwards, if the demand gets higher, you can start exploring paid advertisement options.

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