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Hiring Bubble Tea Employees

Start Bubble Tea Shop - Hiring Bubble Tea Employees

A bubble tea shop needs to hire a number of employees based on the size of the business operation and the length of time they operate each day. Typically, a bubble tea shop needs only two or three employees during normal business hours and one or two more during peak hours of operations. A bubble tea shop that makes less than 500 cups of drinks per day can be manned by one or two employees who are properly trained to perform the different aspects of work in the business.No matter how small or big is the bubble tea shop operation, great efforts must be exerted in hiring the right persons who will be running the business. You should plan for how many employees you need based on volume of bubble tea drinks sold.

Qualifications for Bubble Tea Employees

Bubble tea shop employees must be people persons as they will be dealing with all types of customers all day long. They must be able to deal with daily challenges and must stay calm every time, regardless of the situation they are facing. We have to remember that all customers are not made the same; some of them could be cranky and rude. Bubble tea shop employees must be able to work with minimal or no supervision at all, especially when one has to be working alone in the shop. They must be comfortable working different shifts and working on weekends and holidays. A bubble tea employee must have most of the following qualifications: • Must have experience taking orders and preparing drinks • Must be able to take inventory and place supplies orders • Must be able to operate a cash register • Must be able to accurately handle monetary transactions • Must be capable of going to the bank to make deposits • Must be able to prepare supplies for the bubble drinks • Must be able to speak, in addition to English, the language common to the area of business operation. Recruitment Procedure Hiring employees for the bubble tea shop must follow the following stages: • Recruiting applicants that meet the shop's requirements; • Selecting the most qualified among the applicants; and • Placing the selected applicants for a suitable position in the bubble tea business.

Bubble Tea Employment Application

Applicants for positions in a bubble tea shop must be required to fill up an application form which will be the initial tool of the business owner to weed out ineligible applicants.

Bubble Tea Employee Interview

An applicant may have the best qualifications and experiences on paper but a lot could be learned about him in a personal interview. More information about the applicant could be obtained in the interview process.
Bubble Tea Employee Skills Evaluation
The applicant must be able to demonstrate the skills that he possesses that will be relevant to the position he is applying for. He must be able to show he will handle himself when he is actually immersed in the work environment.
Bubble Tea Employment Requirements
Before hiring, the successful applicants need to pass through a pre-employment screening to determine their eligibility for employment. Among the requirements to be met are the following: • Employee's eligibility to work - This federal requirement, as mandated by the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) OF 1986, prospective employees must fill up the I-9 Form to verify his eligibility to legally work in the United States. • Physical examination - Most employers require prospective employees to pass a physical examination to determine if they are capable of performing the job they applied for. For a bubble tea business, employees not have any illness that can be passed on to other people when they handle drinks and other food products. • Drug screening - It lessens, if not entirely eliminate, the effects of drug abuse which has been common in many workplaces. • Live scan - It is digitized fingerprinting system that results to an automated background check. This technology is a replacement of the traditional fingerprinting process.

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